Fetching Personal Offer

Prepare properties object including user context and game context properties.

Follow the example:

var props = new Dictionary<string, object>();

props["prizeKey"] = "GoldPack8";
props["offerId"] = "3622d2-c8c8-4c52-851c-d71af05";
props["currentPlayerLevel"] = 6;

Kibotu.GetPersonalizedBanner(props, asset =>
    if (asset != null && !asset.IsControlGroup)
        string imageUrl = asset.imageFullUrl;
        // This is the personalized banner
        // You can now use imageUrl as needed
        // Control group
        // Apply your regular handling for this case

Dummy response

During the integration phase, debugForceImageUrl property can be utilized to obtain a static placeholder image. This feature forces the system to return the specified image URL from Kibotu processor. This is useful for testing the integration before there are any approved assets in your account.

props["debugForceImageUrl"] = "https://dummyimage.com/900x520/000/fff.png&text=Hello+from+Kibotu";

Remove this feature from the production code once the integration is complete, to ensure the system functions with actual assets.

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