Reporting events


  1. Ensure that you invoke the .Init() and .Identify() methods in each session before tracking any events.

  2. You might find it helpful to use Logs Live Tail in the admin console to see the data coming in from your integration.

Events to track

You might integrate the Kibotu.Track() method at the same level as your analytics reports, allowing you to report all user interactions to Kibotu.

Alternatively, you can choose to track only key events. A minimal integration would require just a few events. Please reach your account manager to establish a list of essential events. This would depend on how the potential segmentation of your players.

Example events

The table below is an example of events reported by some of our customers.

Actually it reports only resuming the app and interacting with special offers.

EventNameDescriptionRequired Properties


Application launched


Application focus resumed


Watched Special Offer

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Dismissed Special Offer

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Clicked Special Offer

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Purchased Special Offer

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


In-app store - Watched item

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


In-app store - Clicked item

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


In-app store - Purchased item

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Ad Started

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Ad Ended

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Ad Clicked

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Ad Skipped

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *


Ad Rewarded

Attach Kibotu-Reference Properties *

* (event name as a string)

Any other monetization event i.e. CoinsGained, CoinsSpent, GemsSpent

* (event name as a string)

Any other user-engagement event i.e. MatchStarted, MatchFinished, LevelUp

Kibotu-Reference Properties

For each special offer, when receiving an Asset from getPersonalizationBanner you need to store it with the special offer instance and provide it with the events of interaction with the special offer.

The actual reference fields are: imageFullUrl and kibotuMetadata.

This is a key property, as it enables Kibotu to "close the loop" by suggesting an offer to a player and receiving the interaction as performance feedback.

Code example

Tracking an event without additional properties:


Tracking an event with additional properties:

var context = new kibotu.Value();
context["prizeKey"] = "GoldPack8";
context["offerId"] = "3622d2-c8c8-4c52-851c-d71af05";
Kibotu.Track("SpecialOfferPopupDismissed", context);

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