Implementing Unity SDK

Follow this guide on how to quick start with Kibotu Unity SDK

  1. Access admin console Login to the back office console at

  2. Generate an API Key Access and follow the key generation form, alternatively you may contact your account manager to get an API Key.

  3. Install SDK

    In your unity project root open and add the following line to the dependencies section:

    "ai.kibotu.unity": "<",

    Open Unity project and the package should download automatically (Currently we support Unity 2018.3 and above)

  4. Configure SDK To use Kibotu SDK with Unity, you must first initialize it with your API key. Open the unity project settings menu for Kibotu. (Edit -> Project Settings -> Kibotu) Enter your API key in the Runtime Token input field in the inspector.

  1. Report a test event to Kibotu: using kibotu; Kibotu.Init(); Kibotu.Identify("test_user_id"); Kibotu.Track("TestEvent");

  2. Check for success at admin console: Settings -> Verify Integration You should be able to see `TestEvent` in the list. Note: Let it up to 60 seconds to be available in the console.

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